Established at Georgetown University as part of The World Community for Christian Meditation, the John Main Center is committed to developing an ecumenical community of meditation, inspired by the teaching of Fr. John Main, OSB (1926 – 1982). Its aim is to encourage a daily personal practice of meditation and to nurture the experience of community at Georgetown that it creates. The Center teaches a twice-daily practice of silence in the Christian tradition of meditation. Because meditation is also a universal tradition the Center welcomes everyone to the peace of its sacred space in the heart of the Georgetown campus. The Center initiates and encourages inter-religious dialogue especially in the common ground revealed through meditation in all traditions. The Center assists in the integration of meditation with other aspects of academic and scholarly life, through the John Main Lecture, the use of the John Main Archives, workshops and meditation in the classroom. The Center is available to help other universities in developing meditation within their student bodies and faculties.  It works with The World Community and Georgetown University to develop the spiritual dimension of all aspects of life.

The John Main Center
Box 571250 Healy Hall
Georgetown University
Washington, DC 20057